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Animal Express

Animal Express let's you take control of a truck filled with delicious fruits on its way to a nearby farm. Use your phones tilt controls to spill food to the sides of the road to attract cute, colorful animals and make them join your party! Try bringing as many animals home with you to your farm as you can.

Tilt your phone to steer left and right. Steer hard enough to one side to pour food out of the truck to attract animals.
Feed the animals the correct type of food, matching the color of their bodies.

This game was made in 48 hours during the global game jam 2019.

Hold My Beer Productions

3D Art

Kevin Skok

2D Art

Ilka Hesche


Frederik Trampenau

Install instructions

Accept everything the app wants from you when installing! Google Protect only wants to prevent you from enjoining this great game!


Animal Express Android 42 MB

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